Your home is special; the way it's presented should reflect that

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Why Does It Matter?

We've read a number of studies over the years concerning the difference between sales with data and sales with storytelling. What it boils down to is the fact that people connect with - and remember - the stories they read but not with simple "facts".

So a few years ago we decided to put this to the test and create some blog posts for our listings.

We saw a difference in traffic immediately. We heard stories of random strangers, talking to other random strangers, about homes we had listed.

We saw homes get into bidding wars even before the market had turned for the better.

And we haven't stopped since that day.

We've created a custom story page for every home we've listed for the past few years.

The Description

Your home description shouldn't say "3 bd 2.5 ba w/fnshd basement".

It should paint a picture.

Your porch is where you: "sit and watch the rain on a warm summer night".

Your kitchen is a: "culinary utopia featuring high-end appliances, a glass tile backsplash that climbs to the ceiling, a pot-filler spout...".

When guests step into your home, they see: "the soaring ceilings, the open switchback staircase, and the visual interest created by the different angles of the walls and ceiling remind you that this is a custom built home".

The Title

It may sound insignificant and a little strange... but it does help to give a home a name.

It becomes more memorable and can remind them of a particular feature.

Plus, who wants to tell their friends that they're buying 223 Main Street when they can brag about buying "The Unicorn Ranch", "The Wow Factory", "Olde Town Pinnacle", "M is for Modern", or "The Pinterest House".

The house they're buying is special and the title we give it can help remind them of that feeling.

Side Note: We been naming our listings for a while, so we like to think Chip and Joanna copied us :)

The Emotional Connection

Buying a home is an emotional transaction.

Most buyers aren't just looking for a building where they can sleep at night; they're looking for a place to call home. Conversely, most sellers aren't just selling a few walls with a roof; they're selling a place they've grown to love.

Employing the Storytelling method when describing your home is a great way to tap into that emotional component of your home that buyers are searching for. 

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