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Cutting-edge technology allows us to have an Open House 24/7.

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Jetson-Like Technology

Over the past few years, we've tested tours from the two major players in the industry; Matterport and RealVision.

Matterport tours are shot with a special camera and they are probably best known for their "dollhouse" effect.

RealVision tours are shot with DLSR cameras and are better known for their high-quality imagery and floor plans.

Here is an example of Matterport. Try it out:

Here is an example of RealVision. Try it out:

Give Buyers What They Want

If buyers want to take a tour of your home from the comfort of their own couch at 10:30 pm... let them. It's easier for them, and it's easier for you.

If that tour helps them realize there is no way they can make the bedroom situation work for their needs, you won't be put out for a showing appointment.

But if they do schedule a showing after seeing the tour, it's likely that they are very interested in buying your home.

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When Has It Made A Difference?

Let's be honest, just because something is cool, doesn't mean necessarily mean it's a difference-maker. What we love about these tours is that we can pinpoint specific times when our sellers saw a direct benefit.

The time a Buyer told our sellers that the tour was the biggest reason they chose their house.

Multiple times when out-of-state buyers wrote offers without seeing the home in person.

When Buyers told us they spent hours on the tours of the homes they ended up buying.

These tours aren't a gimmick; they're tools that Buyers use in their decision making process.

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